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Day 21 – Recovery going well

Today is the day most habits are supposed to end.  For me its not happened fully but this week I have noticed a significant decrease in my desire to serve.  On the few occasions that I did have a desire to splurge on my former owners wishlist, I managed to resist, which I see as a positive and a success.

This will probably be the last entry in my blog.  I find whenever I login to do my blog I get tempted to view my former owners blog/website/clipstore/twitter/wishlist, etc.
I may put up some posts from time to time but I doubt it.  I want to get a good few weeks of being ‘sober’ so I’m fully free for the new year.  I don’t want to set overcome financial domination as my new years resolution for the third year running.  I want to already have that down and cleared, so I can focus instead on clearing my debts and working on my social/love life.  2011 is going to be my year, I’m determined that this will be the year my life turns around.

I’d like to thank all the people who have commented on my blog and helped to encourage me to change and overcome this addiction.  You all have been very supportive and I doubt I would have got to this stage without your suggestions, help and support.

One of the things that I haven’t mentioned before in my blog is that I started doing penis enlargement exercises again when I decided to overcome financial domination.
I do ‘jelqing’ exercises, PR muscle exercises and general penis stretches.  I also wear a Euro Extender traction device and take VigRX Plus pills and whey protein powder.  Twenty one days in, and I have noticed a change!  It’s only a small increase of half a centimetre, but hey, it’s a change!  In 6 months time I should have gained an extra inch!  For a cock my size that’s a significant increase!  I’m feeling very excited and optimistic now.  Half a cm isn’t quite what a lot of the PE companies boast (some say 1 inch a month, obviously hype), but I’m pleased with my results.  I think they are realistic and over the long term will produce impressive results that will vastly improve my confidence with women.

This weekend I decided to buy a membership to (which gives access to the wider reality kings network).  This is one of the things I’m replacing my former addiction to findom with, and using it to rewire my mind so I enjoy normal vanilla sex from now on.

The women on there are unbelievable hot.  I thought my former owner was the most perfectly beautiful woman on Earth until I checked out  There are THOUSANDS of woman as hot, if not hotter than my former owner on that site.  I’m just spoiled for choice, I don’t have enough hard drive space for it all!  It just proves what Mystery says – beauty is common place.  It really is, I’m convinced of that now.

One thing I noticed is the women all like getting it hard and rough too.  It’s like what David Shade says in his books ‘The Secrets of Female Sexuality’ and ‘How to Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms’ –  99% of women want a dominant man to LEAD in the bedroom.  They want to be treated like ladies in the living room, and ravaged in the bedroom.

I’m so glad I’ve left this whole male submissive self behind and embarked on this journey of self improvement now to rediscover my true masculinity and become a dominant alpha male.

As I said earlier, this will likely be the last post in my blog.  Maybe I’ll post back in a year or so with all the improvements I’ve made, or maybe I’ll just leave this chapter of my life closed and not turn to it again.  I think the latter is most likely.  I don’t really want to revisit this part of my life again tbh.

Again, I’d like to thank all the people who have given me suggestions and encouragement.  I wouldn’t have managed to stay this long without your help and support.

I wish everyone a happy Christmas and a fantastic 2011.


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