slaverichard: A money slave owned by GoddessTierra (slaverichard) wrote,
slaverichard: A money slave owned by GoddessTierra

2011 - Resisting Temptation

So far so good, but I still keep having a huge urge to splurge on Goddess, especially now my bank account was recuperated somewhat yesterday after I was paid.  I was hoping that by Jan 2011 I would be well on my way to being free but it seems its not that easy.  Although I had a minor setback on Christmas eve, since then I’ve not bought any more clips or wishlist items.  There are some really hot looking clips on the clipstore though, including some which appear to be designed to break slaves resistance and ruin their recovery and new years resolutions.  That might work for some slaves, but I won’t be buying them, or any clips for that matter.  I’m not going to be tempted that easily and will never surrender to my former owners power.  I won’t have any more Tropical Productions or Amazon WA showing up on my bank statement in 2011, that’s for sure!

I’ve decided to stop with the whole alpha male thing.  Instead I’m just going to focus on not being submissive.  Trying to fake being dominant isn’t working, I just seem to be pissing people off wherever I go lol.

I wish everyone a fantastic 2011, and I hope all your goals and dreams come true.

Tags: financial domination, money slavery, overcome financial domination
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