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The New Day 1

It's exactly 8 months today that I made the decision to break free from my addiction to financial domination.  Since then I've made tremendous progress, though I have had a few slips along the way.  I've learned that slips are not to be feared, but to be learned from.  I've also learned that this addiction to financial domination is linked to an addiction to pornography.  I've joined several porn addiction forums, such as and which have provided me with lots of information and guidance on how to break free, lots of support from other addicts, and inspiration from those addicts who have made it.  There are a few addicts on there also addicted to financial domination, but we are certainly a minority!  

I currently have K9 Web Protection installed on my computers, and have OpenDNS filtering at my internet gateway, which is proving useful, however I am evaluating some commercial webfilters / parental control software right now as I find K9 too easy to bypass, especially when I have administrative privileges and my 'inner addict' is at large.  

Back when I started on my journey I thought a slip was when I actually viewed my former owners site / watched one her clips.  From experience I've now decided to define a slip as any time I either view erotic material, or masturbate with erotic material viewed in my minds eye.  This is because the mind does not know the difference between anything vividly imagined and reality.  Last night I did MB before going to sleep, so I class that as a slip.  Its interesting that this leaves me as day 1 on the 20th of the month, which was the date I had previously broken free, though that was back on 20th Nov 2010.  

I'll be maintaining my blog over at rather than here, but I will be sure to update here on the 20th Nov 2011, exactly one year since I decided to break free, and also on 20th July 2011 which will (hopefully!) be my 1 year anniversary of breaking free for good!
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