slaverichard: A money slave owned by GoddessTierra (slaverichard) wrote,
slaverichard: A money slave owned by GoddessTierra

The new year, a new me. So far so good!

I acted out pretty intensely at the end of 2011.  I got pretty drunk, and stayed up into the early hours binging on Goddess Tierra and Her clips.  I spent over $1k that day, but loved every second of it.  Goddess Tierra really does know how to play with and mind fuck her slaves.  It was like the old days again, Goddess Tierra just got me spending more and more and more on her, she really knows how to get inside my head and take everything, with no restrictions at all.  That night I really just let go, totally surrendered to her power and let her use me completely.  Part of me knew it would be the last time I'd act out like that so I really wanted to go all out, and I did.  I knew it would be short lived though.  One last surge of excitement and fun, before the new year arrived.  

When the new year arrived, I deleted all the clips I bought, all $1k+ of them.  It wasn't easy, but I knew I had to get rid of them so I wasn't carrying them over into the new year.

I'm now almost 2 weeks into 2012 and so far I'm doing well.  I get urges every day and night though, and right now I can assure you I have a huge urge to just hop over to Goddess Tierra's clipstore and splurge.  I'm keeping myself under control though, and making good progress, and I am being rewarded for it.  I have suffered from porn induced ED for many years, which completely ruined my sex life, but things are really improving in that area.  I'm getting more intimate with a girl now, and although the porn induced ED is not yet fully cured, things are certainly improving.  I'm meeting up with her again tomorrow, I'm pretty confident things will perform tomorrow night.  I just need to keep away from the porn and findom, and not let it screw me up.  The longer I am free from porn/findoms influence, the more my innate, natural sexual desires will start to show through, and the more natural sexual practices will appeal to me .

PS: This will be the last time I post here, so don't think I'm rude if I don't reply to your messages/comments.
I maintain my main porn/findom addiction recovery blog over at

Tags: financial domination, findom, forced intox, money slavery, overcome financial domination, porn addiction, porn induced ed, porn induced erectile dysfunction, pornography addiction
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