slaverichard: A money slave owned by GoddessTierra (slaverichard) wrote,
slaverichard: A money slave owned by GoddessTierra


It's been a long time since I updated this blog and I feel it's time for an update.  Over the last year my success overcoming financial domination has been terrific, though not perfect.  I still come back and buy a few clips from time to time, however my payments to financial domination have reduced considerably.  I now have a strict budget I am sticking to and a financial management spreadsheet I complete to record every penny I spend.  These measures are helping a lot to curb my spending.  To check my progress, I did an EquiFax credit check recently and discovered, to my surprise, that my credit rating was actually in the 'excellent' bracket (though the lower end of this bracket).  This is solid, objective data that shows my efforts are starting to pay off.
My credit rating increases are not the only areas that have improved since my quest of overcoming financial domination started.  I am now pleased to say my 'porn induced ED' is now over!  For the last 2-3 months or so I've succeeded in orgasming in intercourse.  Goddess Tierra is not the only way I can get a release now.  I'm now gradually healing and making great progress towards freedom from this habit.
Tags: ed, erectile dysfunction, femdom, financial domination, findom, money slavery, overcome financial domination, porn addiction, porn induced ed, porn induced erectile dysfunction
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